What is Stopaq?

Stopaq is a low temperature wrapping band coating of uniform thickness. It’s cold applied, non crosslinked, non crystalline, monolithic viscous polymer, with cold flow, self-healing viscoelastic properties, adhering extremely well to virtually any surface. A viscous liquid, fully resistant/impermeable to water. Stopaq principle ingredient, Oppanol®manufactured by BASF, is a Polyisobutene. It retains its visco-elasticity properties at ambient temperature and due to its performance record with BASF since 1935, its been proven over time not to age or change its characteristics.

Main attributes

  • Minimal surface preparation required ISO ST2/3
  • Water, water vapor and gas impermeable
  • Service life of 60 years expectancy with 30 years guarantee
  • Adheres to both glass like and porous surfaces
  • Creeps into pores and adheres at molecular level
  • High electrical resistance
  • Its unable to disbond
  • Inert to aging and weathering
  • Chemical resistant to most Acids/Alkalis
  • Under film migration of moisture not possible
  • Self healing