Presserv Group together with our partners;

  • STOPAQ – Visco-elastic applied to Above Ground and Below Ground Pipework on manually prepared surfaces for 30+ year corrosion protection, guaranteed
  • Seal for Life – We produce a variety of corrosion prevention and control technologies that include the categories of cathodic protection, self-healing corrosion prevention and sealing, tape-based protection, heat shrinkable technology, and liquid sealing. Seal For Life Industries is a significant player and partner across numerous market sectors and industries. This enables us to tackle an endless variety of fascinating and complex challenges in the field of corrosion prevention, waterproofing and insulation.
  • Cortec Corporation – The leading manufacture and technology driver for Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitors, (VpCI’s), across multi-sectors including Oil & Gas, refining, Tank Terminals and Process Industries
  • Corrologic – Part of the Cortec Corporation, providing engineered solutions for difficult to solve corrosion challenges, such as cased pipe joints, CUI and coatings for hand prepared steelwork.

Presserv’s Tank Brigade provides corrosion protection to your valuable pipelines using the above cutting edge technologies, We appreciate replicating factory coating conditions can be problematic to our clients, compounded with application and preparation errors, resulting in deterioration of today’s coatings.

We have carefully chosen our solutions to allow for minimal surface preparation and provide asset life rehabilitation/extension, Stopaq products are very forgiven and designed to last for some 70+ years service life, This is why our motto is do it right – do it once…. Seal For Life. 

We can supplement the STOPAQ and Seal for Life solutions with the Cortec and Corrologic VpCI products for CUI and internal corrosion applications.

  • Above Ground
  • Below Ground
  • Topsides
  • Condensing Lines
  • Splash Zone
  • SubSea
  • Bespoke designed solutions
  • Casing Filler
  • Structural Steel